Pest Prevention

Titan offers some of the best pest control services available. With more than 10 years of experience we provide the highest quality training for our professionals. We offer general pest control services and specialized treatments for more than 100 types of pests.

Pests have long been a threat to the quality of life we all enjoy with their ability to spread bacteria, transmit diseases and cause significant property damage. Biting, stinging and chewing pests like roaches, ants, mosquitoes and mice are much more than a nuisance, and it is important to fully understand the risks associated with any potential pest problem.

We don’t just treat the specific areas; we treat the exterior of your home, where pests live and breed, to ensure pest prevention. Titan’s Pest Prevention program is an easy and fast 5-step process that keeps pests out of your home throughout the year.

Our Process:

  1. We perform a thorough, initial pest inspection inside and outside of your home.
  2. We eliminate any existing pest problems.
  3. We identify any existing issues and build a customized program for your home.
  4. We inspect and seal off any new entry points on every visit.
  5. We make targeted Pest Prevention treatments to the outside of your home.

We Know Pests And Rodents

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Identify Your Pest

Rodent Control

Titan keeps furry pests outside where they belong. Rodent control is a major issue for many homeowners. Rodents like mice, rats and squirrels are always in search of food and shelter, and can do some real damage to a home and transmit diseases. Rodents also reproduce very quickly and can turn into an out-of-control infestation in a matter of weeks. Settled rodents make unusual noises in the attic or walls, and/or leave droppings found in the pantry, along the baseboards or in the attic.

Rodents cause billions of dollars in damage each year to homeowners. The best way to prevent rodents from entering your home is the 3 Step Titan Way! If you suspect rodents have taken up residence in your home, call a Titan technician today.

Do a thorough search through the interior and exterior of your home and block any possible entryways for rodents. 

Ensure that all tree branches are trimmed and away from the home. All food items must be 3 inches above the ground and garbage cans must be rodent proofed. 

Sanitation is critical to rodent control. Rats require about 1 to 2 ounces of food per night and at least double the amount of water. Mice require less food and do not require water daily. Do not leave food out on the counter or in open storage. Put all food in airtight containers and keep it stored in cabinets and pantries, or in the refrigerator. Throw garbage out nightly, clean crumbs off of the countertops and vacuum floors if necessary.

Identify Your Rodent

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