Titan Helping Businesses Stay Sanitized

Titan Helping Businesses Stay Sanitized

Titan Rodent and Pest Control is on a mission to helping local business in Los Angeles sanitize their environment from viruses. During this downtime of non-essential business being closed to public, Titan is going in one by one and Disinfecting all surface areas.


Titan is using a EPA approved Sanitation process that guarantees 99.9% bacteria and germ disinfection on surfaces, metal, walls, ceilings and floors. They use only EPA registered products.
The process of Titans sanitation service is very simple and effective. Corona-virus is spreading mainly through human contact and contaminated surfaces. In order to be safe during this epidemic, the United States has enforced a stay at home protocol and is only allowing essential business to remain open. Staying clear from human contact is simple but going to the bank, grocery stores and etc is essential. Chances of touching infected areas while running your essential errands is high.
Titans Sanitation Service is built to clean, sanitize and disinfect all surface areas of hospitals, schools, restaurants, hardware stores, government locations, homes and more fromcommon viruses and colds. First a Titan Sanitation Tech will perform a germ test. During this test Titan will swipe a surface area run it through a UV light system and then will receive results with in 10 min stating the level of germs and bacteria in your environment.
Then with a unique EPA Approved sanitation device Titan Sanitation team will spray all areas, walls, ceilings and floors with a special disinfectant chemical that is non-toxic, contact safe for humans and pets and certified. After, a Titan Tech will perform a second germ test to ensure sanitation pass.
Once the sanitation is done, Titan will give you a sanitation certificate to hang in your business to let your employees, customers, and vendors know your business is safe!
Contact a Titan Sanitation Expert today! At (818) 865-7228 or request a free quote here!

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