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A rodent infestation is a much more serious matter than just having unwanted critters in your home. They can contaminate your home, leaving you at risk of catching infections as they carry over 35 diseases.

Our Rodent Removal Services include:

Pest Removal

Having trouble with other types of pests? 
We also offer maintenance programs to protect your home year round.


Roaches are the most common pest around the world. They can be disturbing to find and can carry a number of diseases.


Spider infestations are common within moist areas, crawl spaces, attics, basements, and heavily wooded areas such as underneath patios.


Ants are known for habituating around food and properties all year long, which is a health hazard since they can carry diseases into your home.


Mosquitoes are considered one of the deadliest creatures on the planet, because they carry and transmit disease.

Hornets or Wasps

A relative to bees, wasps tend to take paper, wood and other common materials to build their nests (oftentimes under house eaves and overhangs).

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and Ticks are one of the smallest species around. They are known for carrying and transmitting diseases, such as Lyme disease.


Flies travel and collect in swarms, usually around plumping, drains and garbage areas. Sanitation and prevention are key to eliminating these pesky nuisances.


Crickets are one of the loudest and most annoying pests that live around our homes, oftentimes disrupting our sleep with their nightly chirping.

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Douglas Stockly - San Roman, CA

I was impressed with Titan right out of the gate. My problem involves rodents and possible duct intrusion. I first spoke with Eran who set me up with a free consultation with Daniel.



Melissa R. - Los Angeles, CA

Titan Rodent and Pest Control has been great to work with. With the crazy rain we've had, we found ourselves dealing with a rat issue; a few have been using our attic for shelter as their tunnels are most likely flooded.



David C. - Los Angeles, CA

Titan's technicians were polite and capable. They got the job done as promised. They took care to find and seal up potential entrances to my house I was overlooking in order to prevent future problems with other kinds of pests.


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$50 OFF

For New Customers

*Discount available for a limited time only so call today!

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Our technicians are experts in rodent and pest control – performing thorough inspections to identify and close off every entry way.

In a rush to get rid of rodents or pests in your home? We’re available evenings & weekends so that we can provide you service as quickly as possible.

We make sure to prioritize our customers’ health, comfort, and safety by using the same products used in hospitals, schools, and food processing facilities.

At Titan, we don’t just rid you of rodents and pests – we also offer services to prevent future infestations.

We’re licensed, insured and bonded pest control experts. We provide top-tier rodent and pest control services while also providing our clients with affordable prices.